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The Digital Media Campus is addressed to young and talented journalists working for Ringier Axel Springer and students of finishing years from universities. The intensive training focusses on the skillset needed to work in the world of modern digital publishing, but also covers fundamental principles and standards of ethical behaviour in working as a journalist or editor. The teachers and trainers are experienced editors and managers from RAS Serbia, as well as reputable experts in field of journalism and digital media.

The aim of the study is to prepare students for their work in a modern digitized media environment. They gain insights into the daily work at leading brands such as Blic, Blic.rs, Noizz, Blic žena…

180 hours of classes

foreign seminars

graduation certificate

The program includes 180 hours of teaching, conducted in the form of workshops and interactive seminars. The study program includes international study tour at one of the  leading digital conferences in Europe.

The curriculum includes lectures in field of digital journalism – specific forms and formats in online journalism, tools and research methods, content management including social media, brand communication, web security, SEO, social media and video production. Lecturers are experts with many years of experience and great expertise. Leading experts and journalists from the Group also pass their knowledge during DMC Days, that are regularly being held at Universities across the country.

Topics covered during DMC



social media

social media

mobile & video

mobile & video





foto & data visualisation

foto & data visualisation

journalistic standards & press law

journalistic standards & press law

native advertisement

native advertisement

news verification

news verification

art of interview

art of interview

discourse in media

discourse in media

investigative jurnalism

investigative jurnalism

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Nenad Jaćimović

Editor-in-Charge of Blic.rs; Head of DMC Serbia


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"We are happy for this chance": Diplomas awarded to the fourth generation of DMC Serbia

The studnets of forth generation of DMC, organized by Ringier Axel Springer (RAS) for young journalist, have successfully completed the first part of training. The best students will soon be able to show what they have learned in a three-month internship at Blic, which is the second part of a six-month training for young journalists.

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The third generation of DMC celebrated the graduation

Thirteen final year academic students of journalism had the opportunity to listen lectures in digital meida, communication, analytics, to train for video production, use of social networks in the media, as well as to participate in workshops with the famous Serbian journalist Olja Beckovic and other experts…

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DMC students Poland

For the second time, students of post-graduate studies at the SWPS University together with the employees of Ringier Axel Springer Polska have begun their studies in the field of DIGITAL MEDIA. What awaits them at classes, what do they expect, what knowledge will they need most?

experienced cadre

Our experts and lecturers on Digital Media Campus in Serbia

  • Marko Stjepanović

    Editor-in-Chief of Blic.rs

  • Predrag Mihailović

    Editor-in-Chief of Blic print

  • Nenad Jaćimović

    Editor-in-Charge of Blic.rs; Head of DMC Serbia

  • Milana Pejić

    Editor in Blic.rs and Blic print; Coordinator of DMC Serbia

  • Jelena Tušup

    Assistant Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Charge of Blic.rs

  • Irena Vinulović

    Editor in Blic.rs

  • Aleksandra Vučićević

    Editor od Entertainment media hub

  • Jelena Isaković

    Editor of the Women's media hub

  • Olga Mirković-Maksimović

    New Business Director

  • Ivan Krstić

    Head of Product Development

  • Marko Bogićević

    Advertising Executive Director

  • Ivana Stanišić Bokić

    Editor-in-Chief of Original magazine

  • Stanislav Gajica

    Video producer

  • Nemanja Radenković

    Video editor

  • Nina Gavrilović

    Editor of social media

  • Ana Beloti

    Editor in Blic.rs

  • Predrag Pejčić

    Business Analyst

  • Predrag Živković

    SEO Manager

  • Anita Todorivić

    Recruitment Specialist

  • Ana Radovanović

    Deputy Director of Human Resources

  • Zdenka Beba Dragić

    Corporate Communication Manager

DMC is a unique program designed for everyone who wants to learn journalism from the best in the market. Collaboration with universities guarantees our participants access to academic knowledge, and working at the Ringer Axel Springer Group enables them to reach the highest level. The program is also implemented in Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia.

Piotr Łęgowski

Director of Digital Media Campus CEE

The aim of the study is to prepare students for their work in a modern digitized media environment. They gain insights into the daily work at leading brands such as Blic, Blic žena, Noizz.

We conducted classes for students of journalism, which thematically included, among others network security, SEO, social media, video production… The lecturers were specialists with many years of experience and vast expert knowledge. The majority of classes will be given by lecturers from Ringier Axel Springer Serbia and the practical part will take place in our editorial offices.

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Milana Pejić

Coordinator of DMC Serbia