Respect for the diversity of view

Investing in our communities

We give back to the community and engage ourselves within society. Since 2012 the Group collected more than 3 million euro in donations thanks to projects such as “A heart for children”. We invest in our workforce by offering targeted trainings.

A heart for children

Ringier Axel Springer Serbia has established the Blic Foundation and intitiated the charitable project Heart for children in order to draw media attention and provide support to the most vulnerable children and their families in Serbia.

Since that with number of humanitarian action Blic Foundation helped more than 400 children from socially vulnerable families, in A heart for children campaign provided the apparatus for newborns hearing screening for all 56 maternity hospitals in Serbia, renovated the Department of Neurology of Valjevo hospital, a dairy kitchen at the Institute for Mother and Child and the only kid’s eyes and eyesight department in Serbia.

Blic Foundation provided 50 air conditioners for 24 maternity hospital in Serbia.

By unselfish work Blic Foundation helps the most vulnerable by solving housing issues by adapting existing facilities or by building new ones.

In the past year, Blic Foundation bought two houses and one apartment, and built four houses from 60 to 80 square meters and by that has taken care of 33 children who were given shelter and normal conditions for childhood.

Blic Foundation helps the Children’s Department of the Neurosurgery of the Clinical Center of Serbia where are treten children who suffer from the most serious forms of cancer, as well as for children who need financial support for treatment abroad.

The ongoing campaign is help finding finansical support for a little boy Despot Lazić – a child butterfly, whose monthly care needs 3,000 euros.

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Naj žene "Blic žene"

Blic žena, the most circulated weekly in Serbia, traditionally organizes the selection for the Best Woman of the Year.

The choice is usually made between ordinary women the general public does not know about, even though they should. These women fulfill their mission quietly, without desire for recognition, but they deserve admiration.

Throughout the year, the Blic žena newsroom publishes life stories of these “ordinary” women – houswives, mothers, humanists, workers, doctors, and university professors.

At the end of the year, the editorial board chooses the ten most memorable and calls readers to vote for the story that left them the strongest impression on them. All of those women are the best, but only one – the one who won the most votes – will be the best of the best.

In recent years, 120 of them won the title, and the culmination of each election is an event bringing together all the winners, when awards are given to them for outstanding success and achievements.

Supporting our workforce

At Ringier Axel Springer we invest in programs and initiatives which support our workforce in their career development and facilitate collaboration across departamental or geographical borders. We are convinced that lifeflong learning is an important key to maintain an agile and innovative workforce. Ringier Axel Springer offers as well programs which prepare the next management or journalist generation.

Digital media campus

The Digital Media Campus is addressed to young and talented journalists working for Ringier Axel Springer Serbia and students of political science or communication and media studies.

The intensive training focusses on the skillset needed to work in the world of modern digital publishing, but also covers fundamental principles and standards of ethical behaviour in working as a journalist or editor. The teachers and trainers are mostly senior journalists and practicioneers from the group.

The aim of the study is to prepare students for their work in a modern digitized media environment. They gain insights into the daily work at leading brands such as Blic, Noizz, Ž…

The program includes more than 60 hours of teaching, conducted in the form of workshops and interactive seminars. The study program includes international study tours to leading media outlets in Europe.

The curriculum includes: Journalistic standards, specific forms and formats in online journalism, tools and research methods, production of different forms of content (video, mobile), content management including social media, brand communication, web security, SEO, social media, infographics and video production.

Lecturers are experts with many years of experience and great expertise. Leading experts and journalists from the Group also pass their knowledge during DMC Days, that are regularly being held at Universities across the country.

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Ringier Axel Springer "People awards"

For three years now, RAS has been awarding valuable prizes to its best employees in several categories. The best among us are chosen by employees in our company, the award ceremony “People awards” is one of the most anticipated events of the year.

Last year, five valuable prizes were awarded in the categories: the best journalist story, the best innovator, the best “moneymaker”, the best team and the best colleague. In this way, the Ringier Axel Springer additionally motivates and stimulates employees in all business segments, but also rewards one who has been particularly prominent in work for that year.