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Message from the General Manager
Jelena Drakulić Petrović

Responsibility towards 3.5 million readers

As a democratic state with over seven million inhabitants, Serbia is still fighting against the grave burden of the economic crisis. More importantly, Serbia is a state and community in transition, with the market of high developing potentials. It is evident that we desire a modern country with the rule of law, ransparency, free market, fair competition, social and environmental responsibility, freedom of speech and freedom of the media.

Therefore, due to over 3.5 million people who read our newspapers and visit and search our Internet portals every day, we as a company must act responsible and sustainable. Ringier Axel Springer Serbia is a synonym of a transparent ownership and independent journalism which are the fundamental prerequisites for the high quality. This is precisely why we are committed to excellent journalism, unbiased reporting and unveiling of events which others would like to cover up. This makes us distinctive, unique and exclusive and it gives us an opportunity to help others.

The essential task of Ringier Axel Springer Sebia is ensuring high-quality journalism and and we will continue to do so. We shall be the best as we continue creating and providing the best media content.
Our colleagues, our readers, our business partners, our shareholders, public persons or institutions, as well as the general public – they are our key stakeholders and they are in our focus. By following our Code of Conduct, we apply ethical standards to all our publishing and newspaper activities, to our contacts with business partners and competitors as well as to our relations with our employees.
The Company Management of Ringier Axel Springer and its newspaper editors are well aware both of the power of media and of the responsibility pertaining there to. Therefore, numerous activities of the Company are committed to socially responsible and humanitarian activities:

  • Ringier Axel Springer Serbia has established the “Blic Foundation” and intitiated the charitable project “Heart for children” in order to draw media attention and provide support to the most vulnerable children and their families in Serbia

  •  „Blic Library” – Books by famous Serbian writers have been inserted in a daily Blic edition: 40 different titles in almost 7 million copies were made available to the readers in 2013. This activity is aimed at improving the literacy and reading habits of people of all ages.

  • „Blic entrepreneur” –  daily newspaper Blic organizes the election for the entrepreneur of the year. All winners in the previous seven years continue to operate successfully and are committed to further growth of their businesses. The objective of the “Blic entrepreneur” project is to promote, strengthen and support the entrepreneurial spirit in Serbia.

Ringier Axel Springer Serbia has a clear strategic focus. Priority of the Company is to use its exceptional technological know-how at the Group level; to use the technology as a key factor for successful introduction of innovations in the market; to invest in new digital editions and business models; to focus on advertising; to monetize digital content of newspapers and to be a front runner of these developments in the country.
The Ringier Axel Springer Sustainable Report 2012 includes a brief overview of all our activities and it is based on all performance indicators listed in the Global Reporting Initiative, GRI – the internationally recognized format of the Report. “Addendum on the Media Sector”, which includes additional indicators relating to key issues relevant for newspaper companies, represents an important part of the Report and discusses the issues of our understanding of the term ‘Sustainability’.

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Jelena Drakulic Petrovic
General Manager
Ringier Axel Springer Serbia

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