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The company provides its employees a wide spectrum of additional benefits.

Satisfied and motivated employees are the biggest advantage and resource of our company. That’s why we always try to offer them a wide range of additional benefits which enable regular health care, sports and recreation, more favorable conditions for all their transactions with their banks. …

We are proud of the fact that additional benefits make us outstanding in the field too, among our competitors in the media market.

Fully confident that health of our employees is an absolute priority and prerequisite for a successful business, we enabled all our full-time employees to get free physical examinations, which include all the important checks and analysis. We want our employees to feel safe, and to be able to respond promptly if their health needs to be protected.

A dynamic program of training has as its aim further development of our employees, in accordance with needs and strategies of the company. Each segment of our work has its specific requirements, and HR sector coordinates and operationally implements training processes, in cooperation with management. Of course, free English courses are an important part of our training, especially when we consider the increasing cooperation with our colleagues from the Ringier Axel Springer Group.